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xpress intermodal

Xpress Intermodal

Shippers requiring the ultimate flexibility can’t ignore the substantial benefits of intermodal transportation - particularly when that transportation comes in a convenient package from Xpress Intermodal, your single truck/rail service provider. Xpress Intermodal supports door-to-door intermodal rates and service – while providing you convenience, reliability and a level of service you would ordinarily associate with an over-the-road truckload move.

Xpress Intermodel offers reliable and flexible response to customer requirements for seamless and integrated coordination of freight and equipment flow. Railroads have made major investments in improved service and technology for the 21st century. You and your customers will benefit from the new systems approach to information, equipment and infrastructure with consistency at 95% and even higher on heavily traveled rail lanes.

Xpress Intermodal provides the peripheral expertise connected with transport of freight by multiple modes. We arrange drayage at origin and destination. We instruct on proper bracing and blocking practices. We handle all the details to provide you with one rate for multi-modal transport, one bill of lading, one invoice and one source of tracking through each mode. This integrated service is gaining us market share and customer loyalty.

Service Benefits of Xpress Intermodal

  • Door-to-door freight management
  • Stable pricing
  • Dedicated customer service teams track loads from order acceptance to delivery
  • Fully integrated EDI network
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation
  • Automatic email tracking reports on demand
  • Equipment capacity from 20' to 53' containers and vans
  • Real-time freight tracking technology