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RX Xpress

Pharmaceutical Delivery / Medical Transportation

Serving the medical industry, Rx XPRESS "a divison of National Xpress Logsitics" is a market leader in providing logistics transportation solutions for the biotechnology industry, including Clinical Trial Supply and Contract Research Organization companies. We provide medical transportation shipping and same day delivery courier for all phases of the pharmaceutical clinical trial process, from research and development, to marketing and distribution. We ship pharmaceuticals via tractor trailer refrigerated trucks, and small packages by cargo vans, to allow biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies streamline processes to deliver drugs to market faster.

Post clinical research transportation delivery solutions include distributing pharmaceuticals regionally and nationally to hospitals, pharmacies, and medical
clinics. Special logistics solutions include on-board hand carry courier service. We offer midnight, expedite courier service to local and regional hospitals, and senior
citizen facilities.

Benefits of using Rx XPRESS for your transportation medical delivery:

  • Years of pharmaceutical delivery experience
  • Confidence that your pharmaceuticals are in good hands
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Highest quality of service delivery standards
  • Accelerate time to bring drugs to market

What distinguishes us from other medical delivery competitors is that we understand the importance of security and privacy. Our staff is trained to safe guard your products while transporting them safely and securely. Confidentiality is our highest priority when transporting your pharmaceuticals, documents, and promotional marketing materials. What makes us a superior pharmaceutical transportation solution is that we understand all phases of the clinical trial medical process, from Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III, to the legislative approval by the FDA.

Rx XPRESS operates 24/7 offering a variety of time critical medical delivery solutions, giving you peace of mind that your medical products will be delivered safely, on-time, every time. If a solution doesn't exist, we'll customize one that meets your needs.

Feel comfort entrusting in our reputation of quality, reliability, and dependability, no matter how complex your pharmaceutical delivery requirements. Our years of on-time delivery experience, expertise in expedite logistics, coupled with our project management skills, provides you with a competitive advantage. Whether your pharmaceutical delivery requires a refrigerated truck, cargo van, or onboard hand carry, we have a transportation medical solution to keep your business moving forward.

This is why the biotechnology industry entrusts in Rx XPRESS.

  • Pharmaceutical Transportation Delivery Solutions
  • Confidential expedite shipping
  • On Demand courier service
  • Scheduled messenger delivery
  • On-Board hand carry courier delivery
  • Midnight delivery service
  • Same day air small package delivery