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NXL service can take your operation to the next level of efficiency in transportation. We handle all the details, leaving you to focus on growing your business. This partnering of transportation expertise, fast communication and negotiating acumen bring you the best shipping deals with the service that brings congratulations from YOUR customers.

Using state-of-the-art transportation technology by TransCore's Keypoint, NXL has been delivering outstanding results and providing first-rate customer service.

Accurate and timely information is vital to effective communication in the shipping of your goods to market. Ours is a completely integrated operations and accounting solution that bridges the communication gaps. With NXL handling your freight delivery, you eliminate redundant data entry. Our service improves YOUR speed, accuracy and YOUR customer service. That makes you more valuable to YOUR customers.

NXL is in the vanguard of transportation intermediaries who have redefined the way business is done in the shipping industry. We have always been ahead of the curve, and continue to be out front using innovative new tools, to get your goods to market faster, better, smarter.

We provide on time pick-up you can count on. We make delivery appointments to save time and money for your consignees. We optimize the tools of technology to keep in touch, provide fast notifications of changes and let you know when goods have reached their destination.

Executive decision-making tools

Moving freight is only part of the value of NXL service. Reports provided are just as important to good supply chain and customer service management.

Monthly reports show cost savings. They point out which lanes are used most frequently, the kinds of equipment used, where and when intermodal is best used, or truckload, LTL or multi-modal service. Clients know exactly what is happening, without pulling receipts, cross checking or additional record keeping that takes time and effort.

NXL works with clients on budget planning for transportation. Lanes and traffic patterns are recorded, based on historical information. The NXL team also helps project future budgets based on distribution changes or growth plans.

NXL is like an extension of your management staff -- here for you with the answers and the professional recommendations that result in easy, fast and accurate transportation of your freight.